Legal Services

Legal services from The Law Offices of Attorney Ernest  Walker for a variety of different areas of legal practice. Law Offices are located in Denver, Colorado and Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Areas Of Legal Service


Civil Rights Law

Our civil rights are some of the most important and foundational points for the equality of our people and must be protected and properly represented.

Constitutional Law

The Constitution of the United States of America is the very foundation of our nations beginnings and the rights of it’s citizens. There to protect the people.


Trademark Law

Protection of ones idea, also known as intellectual property, from theft or misuse can be a long process full of paperwork and technicalities.

Real Estate Law

Land, real estate, and properties of different types have a large stack of documentation wrought with technical terms and conditions.

Corporate Law

A business is a significant investment of time and money for anyone. Protecting it properly and ensuring good representation are important.


Security Regulation

Fair, orderly and efficient markets are essential to the health of our economy and understanding the law often requires expert help.

Antitrust Law

If you’ve been accused of, or have been damaged by predatory business practices of a company, then reach out to Ernest Walker.

Investment Fund Litigation

If you need an attorney related to investment fund litigation, Ernest Walker has the expertise you are seeking.

Contstruction Litigation

Lawsuits over construction disputes can be difficult to navigate, we’re here to help.

Copyright Law

Protecting ideas is important business, Attorney Ernest Walker is here to help.

Real Estate Litigation

Whether you’re a business, homeowner, or renter, real estate plays and important role in life and when there are legal issues around the topics, we’re here to help.

Environmental Law

We can help with violations and protections lawsuits for environmental legal matters.

Injury & Health Care

With experience in employment and civil law, Ernest Walker can help with your injury and health care matters to provide high quality legal services.

Construction Litigation

Construction is already an expensive process, when you add conflict, delays, and litigation, it begins to add up.

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